De'Longhi Bean to Cup.

Your favourite coffee beans, ground exactly to your taste,
infused with water at the perfect temperature and pressure,
then combined with your preferred milk and all delivered
fresh to your cup in seconds.

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The Bean

Taste in coffee is personal and bean choice can make or break a coffee.

The freedom to select any type of bean or grounds you like is crucial to the end result. There are two kinds of bean – Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are widely considered to be the best beans, but only grow in altitudes higher then 600m. Every year over 7 million tonnes of beans are grown in over 50 countries around the world. These beans are then treated and roasted in different ways by an industry employing over 25 million people.

Much like wine, the region where a bean grows impacts on flavour. The amount of water, sunshine, fertile soil and the time from picking to roasting can impact on the final taste. This is not to say one bean blend is universally better then another but one will better suit your personal taste – so experiment and enjoy discovering your perfect coffee.



The birth place of Coffee.

The coffee story begins in Ethiopia. There is anecdotal evidence of coffee existing as far back as the 13th Century in the Kingdom of Kaffa in Ethiopia. It is not until the 15th Century that hard evidence of coffee consumption appears in the nearby region of the Sufi monasteries of Yemen.

Middle East & North Africa

The first Café.

By the 16th Century Coffee had reached the Middle East and North Africa. By the second half of the 16th Century the first cafés appeared in Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). These cafés soon became preferred meeting places for diplomats, artists, authors and intellectuals.


Coffee arrives in Europe.

As a popular hub for trade, the Venetians were the first to import this new trend from the Middle East, in about 1600. There was initial controversy over the drink until Pope Clement VIII approved it for consumption by Catholics in 1600. The first European coffee house was opened in 1645 in Venice, not far from De’Longhi’s hometown of Treviso.

The rest of Europe

Trade companies spread the word.

These Venetian Cafés were a huge hit and soon started to spread. On the back of the British India Trade Company and the Dutch East India Trade Company Europeans were quickly introduced to coffee and they embraced it with gusto. Today, coffee is an intimate part of the modern European lifestyle.


Coffee in the sun.

Whilst Australian’s did not invent coffee, we have adopted it enthusiastically. The Flat White is an Australian invention and is one of Australia’s most popular types of coffee. The Café culture in Australia is second to none and Café have become a social hub, location for offsite meetings and a spot to unwind.

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For credit card holders.
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The Cup

Making a Perfect Coffee.

A great coffee is the sum of all its parts. With a Fully Automatic Machine you are spoilt for choice from bean selection to the delivery of your ideal coffee. You have the ability to make your coffee with the touch of a button, or to be more involved and enjoy a barista like experience.

Understanding the elements and the changes you can make to alter the taste of a good coffee helps on your quest to make the perfect cup.


Whatever kind of beans you decide to go with, make sure they are fresh. Store them in an airtight container, and never freeze, or store them in the fridge. The flavour from the beans comes through in the end result, so test out different beans until you find ones to suit your taste.


The grind is everything with coffee. When you adjust the grind between coarse and fine you change the amount of oil that can be extracted. Depending on your personal taste, and the style of bean, there will be a grind setting that will deliver you the perfect coffee. The grind setting is found in the bean hopper.


Crema is the reddish-brown foam that sits on top of an espresso. Using the colour of the crema, you can discover your preferred grind. The darker the crema, the finer the grind – if the grind is too fine it can burn and create a dark crema and a bitter taste.


Flavour is a dictated by style, roast and blend of bean. With so many places around the world now producing beans, and with so many blends and variations now available, you could spend your lifetime playing the field - or you could find one you love and stick with it. With De’Longhi Fully Automatic Machines beans are ground fresh, so you get a rich flavour each and every time.

Milk Frothing

De’Longhi machines offer the luxury of pushing a button to receive a complete and perfect coffee. They also offer the flexibility of a more involved barista-like experience where you are able to manually froth the milk. The De’Longhi 0.6L milk jug holds enough milk for 2 cups of coffee.


De’Longhi Fully Automatic Machines can be used with any of your preferred milk; including full-fat, skim, long-life and soy. Skim milk delivers superior foam and is ideal for a Cappuccino.


The Perfect Compliment.

To consistently deliver the perfect cup every time, it is important to have the right accessories to assist you in using and maintaining your coffee machine. De’Longhi has everything a coffee enthusiast could desire.

Italian Indulgence

A range of flavours.

Experience the deep, robust flavours and aromas of De’Longhi’s premium range of slow roasted, Italian wood-fired coffee beans. Or indulge in an Italian treat – hot chocolate.

Coffee Beans

1KG / 500G

Family Value
Coffee Beans

1KG / 500G

Pre-Ground Coffee


CIOBAR Chocolate
flavoured Drink Mix


Vacuum Sealed
Coffee Canister


Coffee Care and Maintenance

For optimum performance.

Prevent mineral build-up from occurring with this range of care and maintenance products. By keeping your coffee machine in excellent condition, it will ensure the quality of the coffee is always at its very best, as well as extending the life of your machine.

Coffee Care Kit


Water Filter
ECAM Models Only

2 x 100ML

2 x 100ML

Milk Clean
2 x 250ML

IFD Care Oil

Baristas Collection

Great gift ideas.

Achieve perfectly frothed milk with the spare milk jug for those who prefer skim or soy and serve directly into one of these sophisticated, café-style glasses. Use the chocolate shaker to create the crowning glory on top of your cappuccinos.

Instant Frothing Devices (IFDs)

Stainless Steel Milk Jugs

Dual Wall Thermo Glasses
Sets of 2

Picardie Glasses
Sets of 6

Stainless Steel Chocolate Shaker

The Great Italian Cafe DVD

Coffee Packs

Everything you need in one box.

De'Longhi has created a range of packs to help get the home or office barista started. A combination of items from across the extensive accessory range are pre-packed and ready to go.

Essential Pack
Coffee Beans (500g bag)
Milk Clean

Exclusive Pack
1KG / 500G
Coffee Beans (500g bag)
Ciobar (2 x 125g)
Chocolate Shaker
Dual Wall Thermo Latté Glasses 220mL
(set of 2)



* Any De’Longhi club member who purchases goods worth Tk 25,000/- or more within the validity of the membership will be entitled to FREE renewal for the next year.

* De’longhi Club members are eligible for FREE coffee at Official De’longhi Showrooms. The FREE offer is valid for 1 cup of coffee per day only for the card Holder. Any additional cups of coffee consumed will be charged at reduced rates ( some showrooms may not offer additional cups at reduced rates )

* De’longhi Club members are eligible for a minimum of 5% Discount at all Official De’longhi Showrooms for Regular Priced Items. The guaranteed 5% Discounted Pricing Offer May not be applicable for any products on Promotion, and members are advised to check with showroom staff prior to purchase.

* De’longhi Club members can purchase selected products on 6 months interest free installments, provided the Application for Installment scheme is approved by the management. Membership to De’longhi Club does not automatically qualify a member for 6 months installments schemes. For each and every product offered under the Installment scheme, members will be required to submit an application form along with required documents, which will be approved by the management at their discretion.

* De’longhi Club members will be given 6 months additional extended warranty in addition to the regular warranty terms for the purchased products.

* De’longhi Club members will be eligible to attend Cooking Classes ( when they are conducted ) at a Reduced Rate and will be given priority reservations to attend cooking classes. Cooking Classes will be reserved on first come first served basis .

* Additional benefits may be offered and published by the management from time to time, which will be communicated to the customer.